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Hand-made in Ukraine

We are Ukrainian based brand. Our production is located in the city of Zhitomir in the western part of our country. Although Ukraine is not famous for it's clothing industry - we have one of the worlds finest seamstresses. Buy purchasing from us you not only support Ukrainian, but also our wareffort, since we divert part of our revenue to charity fund which equip Ukrainian sodiers.

Italian textile

We use best raw materials from Tuscany region of Italy for our shirts to produce luxury level quality. In clothing industry its only possible with Italian textiles. They use superior raw materials for their textiles and they closely monitor the milling process, which results in finest wieving. Also adding centuries of experiences results in the the best fabric you can find on the market.

Daily comfort

We make our shirts for everyday use, this means that you will always feel tactile pleasure from wearing our products: it will not itch or cause any discomfort, you will not over sweat outdoors in warm weather or indoors at a party.

Limited edition

All textile are unique looking prints hand made in limited edition - once they are manufactured bulk it is no longer produced. So you can be certain you are one of the few lucky people who gets to wear this unique shirt and you will never have to worry about someone dressing just like you.